About Us

Ethos is a leading Canadian market research agency providing end-to-end research solutions, trusted by the best. Established in 2016, today, we are expanding our foothold into the worldwide market to create a formidable presence in our field to facilitate real market intelligence using the latest methodology, best-in-class research techniques and cost-effective measures for world’s leading research professionals and agencies

Our Story

The ethos team

has extensive expertise, proficiency and passion when it comes to Market Research. A majority of us come from strong Market Research backgrounds and bring a sound understanding of client needs and preferences. Speaking multiple languages comes naturally to us and going global in anything we do is becoming a norm.

Collective expertise

The talent and proficiency of our team help us deliver best-in-class services to our clients across different time zones with unmatched efficiency

At ethos

we provide a vibrant and fun-filled work atmosphere which inspires every employee to work with great zeal and enthusiasm. We believe that when people have fun doing what they do, they tend to do it even better. Our work culture is driven by the philosophy that in a nurturing and motivating environment, given the right opportunity and freedom to work, everyone performs. Our people are vying to help each other, and the teamwork is exceptional. It is this great work culture that helps Ethos to deliver outstanding results on a consistent basis

We at ethos

have always considered people to be our core strength. The cumulative experience of our management team spans more than 30 years with domain expertise in their respective fields. Each one of us prioritizes in delivering the highest standards of quality. Our collective expertise, talent and proficiency help us to serve you with a difference

The gift of giving

Our ‘Pledge 1%’ model is thoroughly integrated into our corporate philanthropy, which dedicates 1% of Ethos’ equity, employee time or product back into the community. Giving back is at the heart of Ethos. Through our services, we empower nonprofit and educational organizations with technology, community engagement, and strategic grants. From the beginning, giving back was the best decision we ever made — it created a culture that attracts and retains the best and the brightest, and allows our employees to be change makers in their own communities. We also match employees’ donations to eligible nonprofit organizations up to $2,000 per year, doubling the impact of their charitable giving